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The company was incorporated in 1997 and is solely owned by Gloria O'Reilly.

The company runs the business from The Buckman Building at 43 Southampton Road Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1HE.

The original concept was to establish a business providing a complete range of 'front of office' services to individuals, young and already established businesses that, with the benefit of technology, can gain by recognising that most conventional office tasks can be outsourced and services bought only when required. Under-used resources are paid for by just one component on any balance sheet and a reduction in profits.

The intention has been to establish a local or national presence and offer complete interaction with our customers. Technology offers the ability to establish a base just about anywhere - 'local' franchises for large call centres have their place but certainly not within the philosophy of buckmanFRONTOFFICE.

We concentrate on our standards of service. For telephony services we believe the space between 'hello' and 'thank you for calling' (the anything can happen zone) is the most critical. We endeavour to set up training sessions with each customer to define the parameters of each business and to understand their trading concepts. We summarise the requirements of each customer on task charts that we can instantly turn up, to refresh answers to unusual questions. We will do all we can to avoid the response we received the other day to a telephone request for advertising cost details from a large and well-known local media company. The answer given to us was we are on staff training - you have phoned at an inconvenient time.

Since incorporation buckmanFRONTOFFICE has built a large client base to become a market leader in the telephone answering business. We employ a team of experienced PA's who get to know both you and your clients, so that our staff, become part of your team, thus enabling us to offer a high quality personalised service.

We buckmanFRONTOFFICE are not part of a franchise group. We are the single largest provider of Personal Telephone Answering services in the UK. We answer in excess of 175,000 calls per year from our office in Ringwood.

The key to our success is the highly personal level of service that we provide.

We believe that to maintain this level of service we must not saturate our staff or the building, therefore we are presently looking for other premises to open another store.

We believe that where we have set up small offices the atmosphere is more friendly and the staff have an opportunity to get to know you. We invite you to call in and to meet the girls.

The more successful we are the more offices we will open and therefore we will always be able to allocate a team of just two or three PA's to look after you. This is what we like to call "the Buckman way".